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Jonathan L'Heureux - BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

One night two years ago, I realized how out of shape I was in as I was walking back home with 2-3 bags full of groceries. Weighing 265 lbs at 6ft tall, I was totally out of breath and sweating way more than I should have for such a basic activity. I told myself that I had to do something before it's too late.

So after weeks of trying to get enough motivation, I finally subscribed to a standard gym. Boring it was! After 3 months of cardio and weight lifting, I barely lost 10 pounds. Better than nothing... but I had A LOT more to lose, and at this rate it would have taken forever! So I started looking for alternatives and I ended up on the H2O MMA website. Watched the videos, read the testimonials, and decided to give Muay Thai Kickboxing a shot.


In only 12 months, I lost 80 pounds working out 3-4 times a week! Today, I'm exactly 100 lbs. lighter than I was 2 years ago, feel better than ever, gained a lot of self-esteem, and even have the girl I wanted! No joke, 3 to 4 hours a week! I could never have achieved all this without Richard Ho and H2O MMA! Thank you for helping me change my life!

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