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"I won my (UFC) fight. I want to thank the H2O crew who worked on me at your "H2O MMA" Gym. I can dedicate this victory to you guys. *
- Cheick Kongo
UFC Heavy Weight Contender - 2011 World MMA Comback of the Year Award

" In only 12 months, I lost 80 pounds working out 3-4 times a week! Today, I'm exactly 100 lbs. lighter than I was 2 years ago, feel better than ever, gained a lot of self-esteem, and even have the girl I wanted! No joke, 3 to 4 hours a week! I could never have achieved all this without Richard Ho and H2O MMA! Thank you for helping me change my life!
" *
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- Jonathan L'Heureux

"We (The Wollfslair) are really happy with H2O MMA. If your in Montreal for training come to H2O and enjoy yourself. I believe you will have a great session." *
- Mario Sukata
UFC Veteran - Wolfslair Head Coach - BJJ Black Belt for Bisping, Jackson, Kongo

"Having had 2 kids in the past 3 years, I was looking for a class to burn the "baby fat" I gained. I wanted a class that was great for beginners and was welcoming, fun, non-competitive, fast paced and that was high cardio to make me sweat TO NO END ... and that's exactly what I got! It's a 1 hour workout yet it feels like 20 minutes that leaves you energized and calm at the same time. I'm losing a pound a week all while having a great time! Richard is an excellent instructor who makes you feel comfortable and is patient and courteous when giving constructive feedback on technique. It's a fantastic class!" *
- Daniela

"Thanks Richard & H2O MMA. Great Gym!" *
- Michael Cammalleri

" When I first walked into H2O class it was 2 years ago. I had also looked at all the different schools that exist in Montreal. There are a couple of very good schools but what made me choose Richard's school was the flexible schedule, the price, the local itself, the ambiance and more then anything else, Richard himself. He was so enthousiast at showing me the moves, he trained me for an hour even if I was only going there to see what it looked like. Richard is really passionated by his sport and he can certainly hook you to his world. Believe me!! I am now a huge fan of mma! I really recommend the school to any girl (either beginner or more advanced) who wants to train hard, get in shape, have fun and learn self-defense. Richard's classes can really give you confidence in yourself. Both kickboxing and brazilian jiu-jitsu classes are fun and easy to learn with Richard. Believe me, once you try them, you just can't stop! You always want to learn more and train more. Plus everybody is so sympathetic in the gym, you'll also enjoy the students who will always be ready to give you a hand with the techniques.
Thank you Richard for all your support." *
- Caroline Drapeau

I had tried a number of gyms before and always found the "must compete". "must be better than the other". "you against me" attitude. With H2O, it's a complete different attitude. None of that useless attitude of "we're here to fight". As the article says, Richard's there to help out in what you want to learn: Want to stay fit, he can help. Want to learn how to defend yourself, he can help too. Want to learn to fight professionally, he's great at that too.
Although life got in the way and I had to take a step back from training, I will always be proud of having trained at H2O. I continue to refer his classes to all who wish to train.
Richard, I will forever be grateful for your kindness and your patience.
Keep it up!! *

- Etienne Lacroix

After visiting several gyms in the Montreal area, I ultimately decided to join H2O Martial Arts Academy because of its warm atmosphere and the intense kickboxing program offered by the facility’s chief instructor, Richard Ho. Richard offers a unique workout regimen designed to meet his clients’ distinct needs. Since starting my own training at the gym, I have noticed a significant increase in my physical strength and personal confidence. Not only has the kickboxing program improved my physique, it has helped me deal with the stresses of everyday life in a fun and effective manner. Whether you are looking to improve your physical or mental health, or you simply want an enjoyable workout routine, H2O is sure to meet your needs.*

- Sarah S.

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